March 1, 2013

These are the Proverbs of Solomon

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We begin a new day, beloved and indeed a new volume. I pray that the previous volume blessed you as you walked through each page day by day. With a new volume comes a different book. ’The wisdom of Solomon,’ is a quote I am sure you have heard many times. I felt it would be good to take a closer look at these proverbs. So today as a preamble we are looking at verses 1-7 of the first chapter. Read these verses before we continue.

Let’s take a look at the history of Solomon for a moment. He was born into a Royal family. His father the famous King David. His mother, the wife of Uriah, one of the King’s Generals. David had Uriah killed in battle so he could marry Uriah’s wife. Their first baby died stillborn as a punishment from God. Solomon was their next child. It is clear that David loved Bathsheba very very much. This whole story is told in the second book of Samuel. If you have time I would love for you to read this account in scripture. Now Solomon was given great wisdom. This is why he wrote the book of Proverbs . You can find the story of Solomon’s dream in the 1st book of Kings and the 3rd chapter. Read this now as it will give you great insight into who Solomon was at this time. He was greatly loved by the Lord because Solomon loved God with all his heart.

Would you like to receive this kind of wisdom from God? I have many times in my life been in situations where out of my mouth came words that quelled many a stormy conflict. This comes directly from God on these occasions. All of us need to allow God to use us. solomon wanted the Lord’s wisdom more than anything. As we journey through this wonderful book you are going to find this wisdom seeping into your life. Think about a circumstance where you have perhaps opened your mouth and you find that you have done nothing more than place more fuel on the fire to make it burn so much more. In times like these the Lord’s wisdom is paramount. Look at this too. Solomon was born out of sin. His father’s sin in fact. Yet that did not stop the Lord from blessing him. Not a bit of it. Look again at the story that happens in verse 16 of this chapter in 1st Kings. You will find the amazing wisdom of Solomon comes to the fore. Know this beloved, that today you can ask the Lord to install in your heart the wisdom He gave to Solomon all those years ago. You can see God clearly at work in these people’s lives. We will look day by day at one or two verses in proverbs and see what the Lord is saying to us now, today, and every day.

A prayer:

“Father, I love You so much for You first loved me more.
Lord I ask You today to bestow on me a modicum of the wisdom you gave Solomon.
In the name of Jesus I ask”  


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