March 1, 2013

My child listen

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Verse 8 of Proverbs 1 reads as follows:

‘My child, listen when your father corrects you.  Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.’  

What a way to start the day!  Many of us follow our own pathways, even as children.  Many of us have no parents any more.  Many of us didn’t follow our parents precepts when they were alive.  Many of us therefore have lost out on so much.  I love this verse, this humble proverb.  Why?  Because it is full of such wisdom.  This entire book contains wonderful thought provoking wisdom.  What I want to concentrate on this day however, beloved, is the Wisdom of The Father specifically.  I believe very strongly this is my goal, my purpose in life.  Some years ago my Father in Heaven commanded me to ‘Tell My people about My love.’  Therefore the Father Heart of God.

‘Listen when your Father corrects you.’  The Lord gave me a prophetic word a while ago regarding discipline.  I now want to include it in this devotional.  Today’s may be longer than usual but I think it is worth it.  Today’s word is about the Lord’s correction I believe.  Here goes:

Father why do You discipline me?

David I have disciplined you and will continue to discipline you for your own good.  If I just told you off and sent you to your room in disgrace, would you learn anything?  Probably not.  Why?  Because it didn’t hurt you in a real way.  You would think to yourself, ‘I got away with that one, He didn’t do much at all’.  Thus you would continue in the vain you had before.  However if there is real discipline then your life will turn back to Me and I will become Lord of your life.  I will be the first and most important in your way of life.  This is why just recently I took your wife from you.  David during this process you treated her with utter disrespect.  You didn’t love her as I commanded in my word that you should.  I told you to love her as My Son loves the church.  Did you do that?  No!  She was taken for granted, left out of your life, ostracised, betrayed, hurt, damaged.  You did this my son.  If I had left her with you then I can tell you that you would have destroyed both of you.  I chose her for you and you threw her away.  I needed to severely discipline you so you would firstly turn back to me and secondly recognise what you had done.  You have had to learn to live without her, without her companionship, without her council and womanly advice.  Your children have suffered because of your behaviour.  My David this was the only way you would realise and come back to Me, to be My adopted son, as I have always wanted.  Now you are back with me, in the fold of my outstretched wingspan.  You are under my shadow and are sheltered from the wily ways of your adversary.  Now David keep your true focus on Me as I bring her back from far away.  As she comes home, as you are restored you will become one as you have never been before.  Your marriage wont be healed son. For it will be brand new marriage.  A new start, a fresh beginning and your new bride will be the light to many as they seek guidance from Me.  You will both bring my people into a new direction that will increase the ones whom I have called.  This is one example of my discipline.  Know this David that because of My love for you I will continue to discipline you.  In My word in the letter to the Hebrews the 12th chapter and the 6th verse I have said ‘For the Lord disciplines those He loves and punishes those who accept Him’. (NLT)

These words are for you as well beloved.

A prayer:

“Father, thank You for Your word today.  
Keep me ever mindful of what You require from me.  
Keep me in Your ever loving arms Lord, in Jesus’ name I pray.”  Amen

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