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Worship Radio 247 was born from the deep passion David Aldous felt as he reconnected with his heavenly Father some years ago, and heard His voice clearly as the Lord commissioned him to ‘Tell my people about my love”.

Ever since hearing that cry, that request from the Lord, that bespoke ‘call’ so to speak, David has done this anywhere he could by preaching His word, by presenting TV and Radio programmes and now by launching this radio station devoted to worshipping the Living God ‘in Spirit and in Truth’.

From the moment you tune into Worship Radio 247, it is our prayer that you are captured by, the heart of this everlasting worship of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. You will hear lives being changed and being captured. In the words of Reinhardt Bonnke “plundering hell and populating heaven”. This is what we aim to do. That, and showing you that the Lord loves you unconditionally now and forever (Isaiah 43:4).

We are in the process right now of developing ‘Worship TV’, a 30 minute broadcast to be available on 3 different networks in the USA and in Europe.  The work we are doing is vital as this qualifies our Mission Statement

Please partner with us in your financial gifts and prayers as we desire to see this commission being fulfilled.  Have a listen to the Special Announcement on the right hand side of the website.

Please click HERE to visit our shop which helps to finance Worship Radio 247





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