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June 9, 2016

We have been in ministry now for almost 4 years.   Our birthday is on July 16th this year.  We will be 4 years old.  It has been amazing to see what the Lord has done in and though this ministry.  But after 4 years of constant broadcasting, our equipment now is in need of upgrade and [...]

Join us as we gather to worship God at Trinity Church, Brentwood, Essex, UK on 14th November 2015.  Tickets now available by clicking HERE or calling 0844 800 2224. See the flyer for more information HERE.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015 from Worship Radio 247. Welcome to the Christmas Newsletter It is with great joy we can now announce the imminent arrival of our TV service ‘Worship TV’. We can now announce that before the end of December 2014 we will begin test transmissions ‘live’. We are so grateful to [...]

Just an update for you all. It is with great disappointment that I have to inform you that I am unfortunately having to withdraw from the London Marathon next year due to a tear in my achilles tendon. I had tendonitis earlier this year and thought I had recovered well as I seemed to be [...]

December 12, 2014

The Lord Loves you so much. Do you know how much? Read on beloved…. 2000 years ago on a cross in the middle eastern region of Jerusalem on the outskirts of the city, beyond the city walls, was a rough hone road called the Via Delarosa. There, a man who had done no wrong was [...]