Category : Daily Devotional

Hey how are you today? How are you feeling? Are you being fed by the word as we do these studies? We find ourselves at verse 9 of Psalm 34 now. ‘Let the Lord’s people show Him reverence.’ I am astounded by people who call themselves Christians, yet don’t find time to show the Lord [...]

What a verse beloved. Verse 8 of our Psalm 34. ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’. Maybe you have lived your life the way you want to. Maybe you have had great success. Perhaps things have gone badly wrong for you. However you have felt, along life’s pathway that something in your life [...]

How many times have you been in a situation where everything seems impossible? How many times have you walked down a road of gloom and despair? I have many times. I have taken a glimpse at the world and felt complete and utter loss. I can remember a time when I was riding my motorcycle [...]

Those who look to Him will be radiant with joy, says the Psalmist in Psalm 34 and the 5th verse. I love to read this; it fills me with a sense of security. Just knowing all the promises you find in the Bible, completes me, I feel. The trick is knowing what you believe and [...]

How many times have you prayed and felt as if the Lord is not listening to you? You have thought that perhaps He was working on another mission. He was out! Not answering you. I have felt this many times in my life. I have thought, ’Lord why are You not hearing me?’. Well beloved [...]