November 2, 2013

He lets me rest in Green Meadows Day 2

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We look today at Psalm 23 and verse 2.  Dad is truly on form today as He tells me ‘He lets me rest in green meadows, He leads me beside peaceful streams..’  Have you ever had the opportunity to drive out into the country side one summer’s day?  To feel the sun on your neck as you meander along a cycle path somewhere near a stream.  If not, just imagine it now as you read this devotional.  Life seems wonderful as you listen to the lap of the water on the rocks by the stream.  You can just hear the distant mooing of some cows in a field close by.  You stop to rest by the stream.  Your head feels heavy as you decide to lay your head on the bank.  You can hear nothing but nature; the sounds of the country: the birds, fish jumping, a dog making his call.  How does it feel?  Well correct me if I am wrong but if feels peaceful― restful.

I feel sometimes, more and more as I get older in life that ‘rest’, is paramount.  The re-charging of batteries, the ability to stop working is something, I believe, comes from the Holy Spirit.  Why do we drive ourselves with such gusto and vigour?  Because most of us seek success in what we do.  The thing is, we as Christians need to place Him at the alter of success and allow the Father to take the place of anything that seeks to get in the way of God’s will for our lives.

Your Daddy is urging you this day to spend some time with Him in His presence.  By doing this you will sample this peace the psalmist is talking about.  You will feel perfect peace. A ‘peace that passes all understanding.’ Do it now and connect to this wonderful sense of His Almighty Presence.

Father, in Jesus’ name I pray that you fill me full of this wonderful peace.  Thank you Lord.  Amen

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