November 5, 2013

He renews my strength Day 3

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What a way to start a devotional.  He renews my strength….Do you ever feel as if you have no strength left?  I feel this some mornings when I wake up.  I feel that I need to walk slowly.  Everything is tender.  Is this my age? I hear you cry.  Well no it isn’t, (although I am pushing on a little now)  it’s because I haven’t ‘tapped’ in to my Father’s strength.  I am supposed to be living under His umbrella.  When sin creeps into my life the strength wanes away.  I actually know when things aren’t right in my life, as I feel it physically.  When you feel this in your own life then call on Him to make that difference.

There is a twofold statement in verse 3 of the 23rd Psalm He renews my strength, being the first.  The second statement is He guides me along right paths bringing honour to His name.  Think about it beloved.  Imagine you didn’t have the Lord in your life.  There would be no guidance at all.  I am not saying that your life would be a disaster, but consider this: your perfect life couldn’t be mapped out for you.  This I know in my own life.  Life is hard enough already beloved, without the constant worry that I am not doing the ‘right thing.’  Let your Daddy guide your life along the path that is best for you.

Prayer.  Father I pray in Jesus’ name for Your strength to permeate my body.  Father show me my perfect direction. In Jesus name I pray.

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