June 20, 2014

I cried out to the Lord in my suffering Day 12

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How many times have you been in a situation where everything seems impossible? How many times have you walked down a road of gloom and despair? I have many times. I have taken a glimpse at the world and felt complete and utter loss. I can remember a time when I was riding my motorcycle home from work. As I drove along a main highway, I can recall seeing a huge lorry hurtling toward me. I had the briefest of notions to simply steer toward that wagon and all my troubles would come to an end. What would have been the point of that? My family would have suffered the consequence of my actions not I. I wouldn’t have been in a position then to carry out the work that the Lord had for me. A wasted life! I was watching the film Pappion the other evening, starring that icon of the silver screen, Steve McQueen. In a dream sequence he is walking along a beach, toward a judge and 12 men. The judge shouts at him “You are guilty.” He retorts, “I am not, I didn’t kill that man, I am innocent”. The judge screams at him, “I know you are innocent of that crime, however, you, Pappion are guilty of a wasted life.”
The point of my diatribe this day beloved, is to point out to you that in verse 6 of Psalm 34, the Psalmist is saying, ‘I cried out to the Lord in my suffering, and He heard me. He set me free from all my fears.’ Today let us resolve that we will ‘cry out to the Father.’ His word says we will be set free from ALL our fears. What fears are you holding on to tightly? Could it be the fear of life itself? Perhaps you are fearful of not having to depend on an addiction any longer. Perhaps it is the fear of the unknown. Whatever your fear beloved, cry out to the Father right now to set you free. In the last scene of Pappion, we see Steve McQueen on an Island trying to escape. He tosses into the sea, from a cliff, a bag full of coconuts that would float. He hurls himself off this cliff (after 30 years of captivity), knowing that he could lose his life. In his desperation to regain freedom, he chose to take the risk. As we see him float away, a voice over, tells us that Pappion found his way to freedom. The difference for you today beloved is that there is NO risk in crying out to God and a certainty that you will regain your freedom. Why not try and see.

A prayer: Father Your word assures us of freedom in You. We cry out to You now in the name of Jesus.’ Thank you Lord. Amen

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