July 13, 2014

Jane O Brian – Introducing myself

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Hi. I am new to the world of blogging, but as a way of aiming to keep myself motivated, and to keep you all informed as to how my training is going, I have decided to keep a blog of my progress towards training for the marathon – or we could probably also call it the lead up to my untimely death; as of today Sunday 13th July, there are 41 weeks until marathon day which will consist of 39 weeks of hard training before tapering until race day and I’m going to log the journey, weekly, here in my blog. hopefully you’ll enjoy this more than I’ll enjoy training. Please feel free to comment, would be good to know what you think.

Week 1

Well this week because it has been so long since doing any real running, I am just starting to do brisk walking to get my body used to the exercise as I haven’t really moved in over a year. This beginning training will mainly involve developing my core muscles in which I will be attempting to build up to 100 sit ups daily. My last marathon because I had weak core muscles when I got to mile 14 my lower back and hips were in agony.

Also I need to lose a few pounds so I will be following the 5:2 fast diet way of eating, which has been mentioned in my running magazine. What is this? I hear you ask, well you eat normally 5 days a week and the other two days you cut your calorie intake to just 500 calories. Studies into this way of eating has shown it can improve insulin
sensitivity and shift more fat that normal calorie cutting, it is also said to help prevent type 2 diabetes. I started on this diet 3 weeks ago and have already lost 14 lbs… so will keep you informed how it is going with my training.

So today was the official start of the 39 week journey to the marathon.
I’ve got to admit, today I was lying in bed, thinking just 5 more minutes, but no, the two hounds were at the bottom of the stairs demanding my presence, the weather is dull and humid so not too bad for a brisk walk……..it took a lot to get me out of bed and onto the trail, but i did it :D
Brisk walked all the way round our circular route which cover around 2 miles in 30 mins. I’m pretty happy with that for day one. hoped to get all the way round with out stopping but the hounds decided to have regular pit stops on the way . But feel fine and getting the motivation back . I’m really cautious about my ankle, as last time I had to drop out of the marathon due to Achilles tendonitis. But this time I am going to train properly.

It’s so funny how your mood changes the minute you start training again. like I said took me a while to get out of bed and out onto the trail but once I was there I couldn’t have felt better and felt really positive; dressed in my running gear, music on ; I was geared up to go.

Though positive encouragement and motivation is really important to me, i love to do things to prove people wrong. I’ve told a few friends that I’m going do this and a couple of them think I am crazy and because of last time because of injury they say I will give up. I know they are only having a laugh, part of me really wants to do it just to say “I told you so!”. This is what helps me push on if I’m feeling really tired, though the real motivation is from myself, to prove to myself i can do it, to prove to myself i can complete something i set out to do, to prove that there is life after injury and to prove i can get fit and hopefully finally gain a body and a confidence that i can be proud of!! this is my running mantra for now!!!!

Until next week.

God Bless,


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