June 30, 2014

Let the Lord’s people show Him reverence. Day 14

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Hey how are you today? How are you feeling? Are you being fed by the word as we do these studies? We find ourselves at verse 9 of Psalm 34 now. ‘Let the Lord’s people show Him reverence.’ I am astounded by people who call themselves Christians, yet don’t find time to show the Lord the respect and the reverence that He needs. I am shocked to discover so many people who are Christians, who are still in great need, financially, spiritually, and bodily. I say this from one who has been in need of all three. When I am bringing you certain words during these devotionals, I too am learning from them. The Lord is teaching me at the same time as you are being fed with His word. We have no choice beloved but to give the Lord the reverence He so richly deserves. After all, when you consider what He has already done for you and you contemplate what He will do for you, then you will see for yourself, if you think about it, that He needs to be shown reverence in such a special way. I talked the other day about being Holy, set apart for Him. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and is so worthy of our praise. I was watching a TV show called Master Chef the other day, and 3 amateur chefs were in competition. They were in India and were cooking for a Maharajah. The amazing thing I noticed, was that after they had served him and his guests their meal, and the food had been eaten, the chefs stood in front of this ‘king.’ I can recall vividly the look of, dare I say it, ‘reverence’, on their faces. After, when interviewed for the cameras, each chef told of their delight at having cooked for a ‘king.’ They were clearly in awe. Who was this ‘king’? When you compare him to our Lord, how much more reverence should we show our King?
The verse continues. ‘ For those who honour Him will have all they need.’ There it is then. They will have all they need. For what? For showing the King due reverence. The promise is clear. They will have ALL THEY NEED. Note the Bible doesn’t say they will have all they want. That is vastly different. It says the word need. May I ask you today beloved? What do you NEED? What is it that you truly need right now? Whatever it is big or small, know this beloved, demonstrate to the Father the due reverence He calls you to show and you will receive the reward of having all your needs met. Matthew 6 and the 33rd verse says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you” (paraphrased). Isn’t that awesome?

A prayer: Father i give You reverence today and every day for who You are and what You have done in my life. I give You honour and glory Lord. I worship Your Holy name Father. Teach me Lord that day by day I need to give You total reverence. In the name of Jesus. Amen

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