Worship TV Live

To watch any Worship TV content on www.livestream.com, either live or recorded, you’ll need a Livestream account. Signing up is completely free, very easy and they won’t pester you with loads of emails afterwards. By the way, while we’re talking about emails you can now send us emails using this address: tv@worshipradio247.org.

For more information go to www.worshiptv.co.uk

Here’s how to connect to Worship TV live…

Watching Worship TV on your computer

1. Go to our account page on livestream.com here

2. Click the green Follow button

3. Follow the ‘Join Livestream to follow’ options to create an account

Once you are logged in to Livestream you’ll be able to click on your account profile (top right corner), go to ‘My Accounts & Events’ and Worship TV will be listed in the ‘FOLLOWING’ box.  By clicking on the Worship TV account you’ll be able to watch the month’s archived programmes as well as scheduled live streams (events).  Having followed our account, you’ll automatically receive notifications for our new programmes which we’ll be scheduling weekly.

If you have any problems, do let us know by email (tv@worshipradio247.org) and we’ll do our best to sort them out.

Watching Worship TV live on your mobile device

If you’re using an Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet you can download and connect to us using the Livestream mobile app available for free in your app store. (You’ll still need to create a livestream account before being able to watch our programmes though.)