December 17, 2014

Sad news about Jane O’Brien’s effort to run the London Marathon for Worship Radio 247

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Just an update for you all.

It is with great disappointment that I have to inform you that I am unfortunately having to withdraw from the London Marathon next year due to a tear in my achilles tendon. I had tendonitis earlier this year and thought I had recovered well as I seemed to be pain free whilst running, I further thought with starting my training earlier I would continue to be pain free… however on the treadmill last week I was running at a slight incline as to mimic running on the road I felt a sudden sharp pain, followed by a burning sensation on my left ankle, this had continued to throb over the last few days…..

Good news is it is not a complete tear, just little tears within the tendon which will heal naturally over time and not require surgery… but sadly it means that I will not be able to train fully for the marathon for several weeks in which I will not be fit enough to cover the distance comfortably for April…. so I have taken the decision to withdraw…

However I will be cross training in the mean time to maintain the fitness I have already in order to take part in the Chesterfield Marathon in September 2015 and with therefore continue to hopefully raise funds for WR247


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