November 14, 2013

Surely Your goodness will follow me Day 7

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You know something?  Yesterday I was talking about God’s ‘unfailing love.’  I told you that it popped up in the Psalms on a number of occasions.  Well here it is today too.  I am sure that the Lord would have me talk about His love the whole time whenever it is possible.  Why?  Well when I wrote my book ‘O Love that will not let me go’, (published by Authentic Media) I knew the Lord had told me my mandate for life, to preach and inform, tell, proclaim and declare that His love it real and tangible.  That is what I try to do. In these daily studies, you will never ever read anything negative.  It will always be the positive. Why?  Because Your Heavenly Father is always positive.  Negativity comes from the evil one.  I have yet again digressed.

The final verse in Psalm 23 tells us, “Surely Your goodness and UNFAILING love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever”.  Hey just think and ponder on those awesome words for a second or two.  His goodness and unfailing love is going to pursue me ALL the days of my life.  That really gets to me.  Those words penetrate my heart to the very core of me.  He will NOT let me go.  He can’t and won’t let me go for He has told me in His word.  Amazing!  Sometimes beloved I can’t comprehend His word as it is too beautiful.  It gives me confidence in life.  It gives me peace when I meditate on those words of wisdom and power.  My Daddy is very clear in what He tells me.  My response to this beloved is to want to live in the house of the Lord forever, and ever and ever.  I once was given a dream of my perfect house; the dwelling I would want to reside in for eternity.  That vision is locked into my heart and my mind.  The Bible tells us in Johns gospel, the 14th chapter and the second verse, ‘There are many rooms in my Father’s house.’  I can’t wait.  Can you?

A prayer: Father, I thank you for Your word.  It always excites me and enthralls me.  I pray now in Jesus’ name Lord.  Unlock those passages to me that I don’t understand Lord, let me come to sense You as my Father and my Lord.  I pray for that peace that passes all understanding.  Amen


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