January 19, 2014

Thank God for David Aldous and Worship Radio 247

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Thank God for David Aldous and Worship Radio 247.

I came to know Christ through the bellowing tones of Billy Graham as he looked straight into the camera lens and came into my living room via the TV. As he shared the gospel his eyes looked straight into me and his message hit me like a fraught train. I just knew that I had no choice but to give my life to Christ there and then. Sadly, I am of the opinion that many Christian TV and Radio stations now waste too much valuable air time in theological discussions rather than evangelism.

There are too many discussions about Christ and not enough emphasis on preaching Christ so that souls are saved and the saints prepared for works of service. It seems to me that when it comes to Christian media The true message of the gospel is often lost in a haze of TV debates about end times. 

Christian TV is dominated by the prosperity message of false teachers who peddle the gospel for profit. TV and Christian radio often reduce the message of the true gospel to a gentle nudge or a mere polite tap on the shoulder rather than shouting it from the rooftops. This is not so with Worship 247 Radio.

The ministry of David Aldous is very direct and as soon as you hear his very distinctive, rich, smooth vocal tones you just know that God is speaking into your heart. It is just Powerful!!! Powerful!!! Stuff .When talking about the need to go on being filled with the Holy Spirit, the founder and presenter of the station David Aldous said this and I quote. Why run on empty when you can run on full.? Wow!! A Simple, yet enormously powerful and anointed message.

May God bless David in this ministry 

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