March 1, 2013

The eyes of the Lord watch over those

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Isn’t it comforting to know that the Lord is watching over us? Isn’t it good to know that we are not alone? Do you feel lonely these days? Do you feel isolated at times? What about when you are in mid flow sinning, doing something you know the Lord wouldn’t like? Just a few questions to invite you to consider today. These type of questions are there to challenge us. They certainly focus my attention. I try to live my life now with as little sin as I can. I try to do things to please the Lord. But this verse is telling me that ’The eyes of the Lord watches over those who do right’. What does this mean then? Does it mean if we do wrong He no longer watches over us? No I don’t believe it does. I am sure the Lord will continually watch over us if we are trying to follow His precepts, if we are attempting to live a good and Holy life. However if you have decided to live in a way that does not bring any sort of Glory to God. If, for instance, you have turned away from Him. If perhaps you have been an avid follower of ‘the way’, and through circumstance you go your own way, then, I know that the Lord will always be standing by waiting for you to turn to Him again. That is the character of our Lord. Slow to get angry and quick to bless. Beloved, do you realize how much the Lord wishes to bless us? Think about it for a moment. Think about the character of the Father. Your father. Your heavenly dad. Of coursed He wants to bless us, each and every one. Therefore the next question I have for you is, why does He withhold blessings to us?

For the last 20 weeks I have preaching on my weekly TV show about the Father heart of God and still haven’t exhausted the subject. I believe that God wants me to bring a word on His character every time I preach. The reason? I learn along with everyone else. I lov de it when He reveals stuff. Just know this beloved. If you truly love the Lord. If you want a real relationship with Him, then follow His advise, His word and you will never be disappointed.
A prayer: Father, from today I want to follow you as the disciples did. They followed You without question, without argument. Father let that be me from this day on. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Turn away from evil Day 17

We are moving on in this Psalm beloved. We find ourselves at verse 14. Turn away from evil and do good. Well there’s a statement and a half for you. There is no trying to read into this something that ain’t there. It is a statement of fact. Turn away from evil and do good. I keep repeating it don’t I? I sound like a broken record. The point is, if we know something is not of God, something that might hurt someone else then we shouldn’t be doing it. I need to say at this juncture I am talking to me as well as you. when I write these devotionals, the Lord is teaching me at the same time. Do you have something or someone in your life that you shouldn’t have? Are you engaged in something that isn’t right? If you are perhaps that is why things might not be working out for you at the moment. I am only saying because I have found in my life that when things are going wrong, I have to take a hard look at myself and wonder why. I have reached the conclusion that the Lord won’t let me get away with anything at all. Its a tough and hard road to follow, this path we have embarked on. it isn’t easy beloved, its tough, hard and at times uncomfortable. but just think of the rewards at the end of it. I was preaching on my TV show this morning and talked about the motor-way we were on before we found Jesus, and the transition of road into a small windy pathway. We find that end the end we will be in company of others and be looking at the most beautiful vista imaginable. That pathway is rocky and very difficult at times but we must persevere. Let go of the evil and embrace doing good. Don’t hold onto your money like you will never see more again. Think of the good that can be done with the resources you have. Just take a look this point. To know the Father heart of God there are steps we must pursue. One of those steps is to recognise the gifts and resources He has given us. Recognise them and USE them. Turn from evil then and ‘do good’ the Psalm says. It goes on to say ‘work hard at living in peace with others’.
Have you ever lived in a war zone? I’m talking about a home where there is nothing but conflict. However since I have said war zone, I have a friend who lives in one almost permanently. He is in Iraq and tells me that living there is sometimes so tiring because of the conflict, so he disappears into his church to find the peace that passes all understanding. If your home is a war zone you will find that it is so difficult living there because you are always looking to escape. You need to work hard at living in peace with others. You will find the Lord’s peace will be there with you. Don’t quench the Spirit of God. Allow Him into your space and your life will change. Believe me I know.

A prayer:

Father deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory.
Teach us to live in peace Lord.
We invite You Holy Spirit into our homes.
In Jesus name.


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