October 29, 2013

The Lord has prevailed

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As I write this I am in awe of our Lord and of Martin our Technical Director.  Since the storms lashed this country and took out our Electricity for 13 hours we continued broadcasting.  We waited until power was restored and eagerly rebooted the computers only to find a major fault somewhere in the vast array of electronics that make up our radio and TV studios.  We spent until 4 :30am trying to figure it all out, where the problems were coming from to no avail.

We spent many hours on the phone to our internet provider and got nowhere.  I went to bed last night feeling so upset and disappointed.  Whilst lying in my bed, I cried out to Almighty God in an angry tone.  I sat upon His knee and thumped my tiny fists against His Almighty chest berating Him and saying, “Why Lord? Why are these things happening?  Don’t we worship You every single day?  Don’t we faithfully serve You in any way we can?  Haven’t we been faithful?  So why oh why are you allowing this stuff to happen to us?  and Lord whilst I am on the subject, didn’t you promise to meet our needs financially?”  Believe me when I say, I let rip on the Almighty.

Martin arrived at the office this morning. Neither of us has slept much in fact I had hardly slept at all knowing that we face another challenging day with yet again no ‘live’ program.  Within 30 minutes, Martin had diagnosed the fault, unplugged something and ‘viola’, it was all working how it was supposed to work.  Isn’t Martin good? And isn’t our Lord Wonderful?  We went ‘live’ at 1pm and produced a two hour program full of His anointing.  Glory be the name of Jesus.

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