December 12, 2014

This Christmas season remember this

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The Lord Loves you so much. Do you know how much? Read on beloved….

2000 years ago on a cross in the middle eastern region of Jerusalem on the outskirts of the city, beyond the city walls, was a rough hone road called the Via Delarosa. There, a man who had done no wrong was forced to carry a cross made from rough timber. The weight was incalculable and tried as much as it could to force the man to stumble and fall. His cross was picked up by order of the guard and given to Simon of Cyrene to carry. The man condemned to death was Jesus of Nazareth. His crime? He declared that He was the Son of God. Beloved indeed He was and was tortured beaten and hung on that cross with nails driven into both his hands and His feet. Why? Simply this reason, it was the price that had to be paid for the sins of the world. Because of your sin and mine, so we could go to the Father and through the death of His precious son Jesus we could receive forgiveness for what we have done and had done. Is this not love? Of course it is. Unquestionably.

Why do I believe this? I’m glad you asked me that question. Simply this. Jesus declared He was and is the Son of God. If He lied, don’t you think by this time His lie would have been found out? Why then are there billions of believers around the world? Ill tell you why. Because Jesus told the truth and He is indeed the Son of God.

This Christmas time remember that He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Remember His birth and the sacrifice of His parents Mary and Joseph. Remember the King and know this……

He Loves YOU

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