June 20, 2014

Those who look to Him …Day 11

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Those who look to Him will be radiant with joy, says the Psalmist in Psalm 34 and the 5th verse. I love to read this; it fills me with a sense of security. Just knowing all the promises you find in the Bible, completes me, I feel. The trick is knowing what you believe and believe what you know. Do you believe everything you read in the Bible? Do you have problems with certain passages? If you answer yes to this important question then you will fail to allow the truth of God’s word to touch you in the way it is supposed to. I find it very strange when I hear committed Christians saying to me, “Do you really believe that the Holy Spirit is with us now? Didn’t that die out with the first Christians?” NO NO NO NO. The word of God tells us the truth and the Holy Spirit operates in me on a daily basis. That is just one of the many questions regarding God’s word. I want to say, we call the Bible God’s word, and if we use the term God’s word then it is God’s word isn’t it? For if we dilute the Bible by cherry picking what is written then we cannot call the Bible God’s word any longer. Why? Well if some of it isn’t true then how can it be God’s word? Does He lie? That is my point. When you read in the word, “Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy”, we MUST know that if you look to the Father for help, you will be radiant with joy. Isn’t that a comfort?
I ask your forgiveness today if you think that I have been in a ranting mood today. The reason is that I feel I have to reiterate time upon time that God’s word is final. There is NO compromise at all. The number of times I have been asked during my TV show to pray for financial breakthrough for people, to pray for this and that. My response often is, God’s word shows us how to live. It is His hand book of life for us. Why oh why then don’t we obey it, learn it, live by it, love it, and nurture it? Why? Because our logic tells us that this can’t be. How can God say these things? It has never happened to me. My own daughter said to me the other day, “Dad God has never touched me in my life that is why I am doubtful sometimes.” I asked her if she read and devoured God’s word on a daily basis. Her answer was, “No dad I don’t.” Surely then could that be the answer?
If you seek God for help beloved I can honestly tell you that not only will you be ‘radiant with joy’, no shadow of shame will darken your face. Let us today rejoice in that.

A prayer: Father, your word is true yesterday, today and forever. Let that certainty slip from my mind into my heart. Bring Your word to life Father. Let me never again doubt Your promises for my life. In Jesus’ name I pray.

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