October 31, 2013

We will bring you a Daily Devotional each day

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The Lord is my Shepherd Day 1

We begin volume 1 of this Daily Devotional by studying  the Psalms.  I am so expectant of what the Lord is going to say during our times together.  Let’s give this to the Lord right now, Let us with one accord acknowledge Him and His wonderful grace as He illuminates these wonderful songs.

This quotation, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd,’  is so famous.  It is used at Weddings, funerals, in most ‘religious’ circumstances.  It comes from Psalm 23 and the first verse.  The Psalmist sets the scene right away by saying what he says.  Is he saying, ‘I’m a sheep?’  No, he most certainly is not, he is simply telling you the reader that his Lord is his boss, his father, his daddy; the one he follows….

I have been in situations in my life when if I hadn’t known that the Lord was my shepherd; I don’t think I would have survived.  My life is an open book and thanks to the Lord I have survived and survived very well.  He is my Father.  In verse 4 of Isaiah 41 it is written ‘You are precious to Me.  You are honoured, and I love you.’  How cool is that to know that the living Lord loves me that much.  Well He loves you equally as much.  All you need to do is to receive His love.  Allow Him to be your shepherd.  Let Him lead you by ‘still waters and pastures green’ and you will see a new life blossom before you.  I have been commissioned by the Lord to “Tell My people about My love.”  My heavenly Father asked me to do this back in 2006, when at a particularly low ebb, He poured His love down on my for 7 whole days without relenting.  It was an experience I will never forget beloved.  It was as if the world melted away before me and all that was left was My Father and I.  All that week nothing seemed important to me anymore except for His unfailing love.  I have documented this entire experience in my first book, ‘O Love That Will Not Let Me Go.’  I know this beloved if it hadn’t been for this wonderful and priceless time with the Lord I cannot tell where I would be today and what I would be doing.  I give Him the Glory for this.  On day one as with everyday in this tome I would love you to pray with me.

A prayer:  Father, thank You for loving me the way You do.  I ask you today to be my ‘shepherd’ and to lead me where ever You will.  In Jesus’ name I pray.

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