July 25, 2014

Week 2 Jane’s Training Blog

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on how my training is going -

This week I had to have 1 rest day………………….THANK GOODNESS LOL!!!!!
WOW!!!! my muscles are feeling really sore, I’m feeling muscles today that I had forgotten I had…. well you know how the saying goes ‘no pain – no gain’ . My legs feel solid and really heavy, stepping down stairs today was a huge ordeal, but I have to be honest…….I so love the feeling knowing that you’ve given your body a really good work out.

I am continuing on my ‘core’ training plan and I am now up to 100 sit ups… my stomach is feeling tighter and I am not getting the back ache that I usually get when running which is good news.

With school finished for the summer and with the heat wave we are having up north, I am getting up at 4am and going for a run whilst it is cool. There is no way that I could run in this heat it is so unbearable.

So this weeks running plan is as follows:

Mon – rest, Tues – 30 mins, Wed – 35mins, Thurs – 40mins, Fri – Fitness class, Sat – 45 mins, Sun – 50mins.

Until next week

take care and God Bless

Jane O’Brien

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