August 2, 2014

Week 3 Jane’s training blog

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Hi there everyone. I hope you are all well and have been enjoying this sunshine that we have had.

Well this week has been a great week… the soreness of the muscles is easing and I am getting what they call the ‘runners high’ again, the buzz of running is back.

I have been to the gym most mornings to do one hour on the cross trainer on the fat burning mode, I must say though keeping your heart rate at around 117 beats per minute has proved to be very difficult; I kept getting carried away training to the music and kept hearing this beep beep noise, I looked down and there in bright red was ‘slow down to get your heart rate down’, so with a groan I had to slow right down to what seemed at a crawling pace to reduce my heart rate … after that I have been continuing with the strength training on my core – abdomen and lower back.

But what an awesome week it has been… I’ve had some fabulous runs! After downloading music on to my ipod and running along to the power ballads, oh you cant beat the power ballads! I have felt like I could run forever.

The mornings have been glorious….. so quiet and peaceful.. not a sound to be heard except the pounding of my feet on the trail…. I just so love it!!! This brings me back to when I used to run up to 18 miles a day…on the late 1990′s I used to run it to work when I worked at Thorntons chocolate factory.. I would set off at 4am on those glorious frosty mornings run it to work, do my 10 hour shift and then run it back home again…. oh those were the days…. everyone thought I was totally crazy… I guess I was… I was crazy about running!

Well until next time…. God Bless you all


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