August 10, 2014

Week 4 Jane’s Training Blog

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Hiya everyone.

Well this week has been an eventful week…… I must say I am really proud of myself… I have been getting up at 4am, mind you through no choice of my own…. when my two hounds are awake…they insist I am awake as well!!!

So with a yawn I toddle down stairs feed and water them, then take them on their morning walk. Come back let the chicken out and feed and water them.

Only then I finally sit down and have a cuppa… and a little snooze until 6am, then I’m up and out of the house to go to the gym. I am so loving the gym… I love the cross trainer; 60 minutes on there in fat burning zone listening away to Enrique and various other artist on my mp3… it is bliss, doesn’t feel like a work out.

After which I go on the weights….OOUUUCCCCCHHHH!!!!! oh my goodness do I know I have been on these….. I have found muscles I forgot I had,,,, got really carried away on the leg press with 100 reps of 70kg.. to those of you who are not familiar with the gym machines, its like doing sit down squats… my oh my did I know about that the next morning…. I must have looked a right wally trying to get down stairs… how my bum hurt!.

But off to the gym every morning for the same routine… but I really need to work on my upper body strength .. goodness I am sooo weak!, 15kg was the most I could do on my arms and that really hurt!!!

Oh and I have started doing the ‘plank’, I read about this in my running magazine. supposed to be really good for the core muscles! right, you lie on the floor face down leaning on your forearms and on your toes, you hold your body really straight, as straight as you can and hold it there…… my goodness it hurts!!! I managed 20 seconds… yes you read right… 20 seconds!!! I need to really work on this and get up to 2 minutes,

Well …..tonight was scheduled to be a 45 minute run….as 5 o’clock approached while i was sitting in the dining room pretending to study and darkness poured across the sky lol, last thing i wanted to do was run, all i could think about was that huge rain cloud looming and going to get in my jimjams with a cuppa and chilling, but you’ll be glad to hear i fought the urge….how i don’t know!!!!

So I threw on my running gear on and didn’t so much as stand still at home through fear of sitting down and never getting up ever again. so running gear on, i set out to the trail.

Ran 10 mins, walked 30 seconds and ran 10 minutes again ….so far so good………….the run was almost completed when I began to get a pulling on my calf again. as I approached my last 10 minute mark I could go on no longer… I had to stop and have a stretch…………gutted, probs a mixture of the winds I was pushing against in the last few minutes of run, and also probably because I have included some hill training into the route and cut down on the walking breaks. I reckon these little walk breaks were doing me good during these early training stages.

So I finished short of my planned run but feel I really pushed myself to my limit tonight so feel good for it. Muscles are killing me already, have to walk down the stairs backwards at the moment through fear of my thigh muscles just falling off lol

So another weeks training done…..another week looms…….and whats worse……tomorrows a 45 min run… 5am.
wish me luck.

Until next time

God Bless Jane

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