August 25, 2014


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Hi there again,

Well I know it has been a while since I last blogged, so I will just do a quick update for you.

Last week was a tough week training wise, getting up and getting to the gym for 6.30am to do two hours of training took a whole load of motivation I must say!.. kept telling myself another 5 minutes in my nice warm bed… but I did it.. crazy as people think I am.. I am beginning to believe them lol.

Training this week consisted of 1 hours on the cross trainer… I have decided to move up from the fat burning mode to random mode which changes the tension of the machine to really push you to the limits and then gives you a easy pace for recovery…. kind of like running up hill and down hill randomly to prepare me for endurance training which starts in September to gear me up for April. I really need to be running a distance of 18 miles by the end of December in order to be on target for a sub 4 hour finish time which has been my dream for a long time. In 1998 I finished in 4hr.35 min, 1999 I finished in 4hr.20 min. In 2002 I did rather badly after having my son in 2000 and hadn’t done any decent training.. hence I finished in just under 5hrs. I competed again in 2007 and finished in 5hrs.25 min, I really struggled as I didn’t train at all and it was scorching hot.,, by rights I shouldn’t have took part… so this time I am preparing properly… and following a marathon training schedule.

After the cross trainer the 1 hour of pain starts… oh yes.. are my muscles complaining? yes they are, particular my glutes… leg pressing 79kg in 10 reps of 10 made them complain something chronic… like I said before walking down stairs and upstairs became rather difficult…and must have looked quite humorous; but I must say it is getting easier now.

These last few days I have not trained with being away in Lincoln.. though I will be honest and admit I could have used the hotel gym but I was being rather lazy lol but tomorrow is back to the grind stone for the next two weeks before going back to work, then it will be the gym at the end of my working day a couple of times a week as I increase road running training and weekends will be distance training.

So until next week, God Bless
take care

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