September 21, 2014

Week 6 Jane’s Training Blog

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Hi there,

Its been a few weeks since my last blog.

Last week was a tough week training wise, since being back at work my training has suffered a little, I am so exhausted when I get home that I have done very little during the week but have been back at the gym during the weekend….. So I am now thinking if it will be best to do my running early morning before going to work….. I will try it one morning to see if it works for me.

Unfortunately also this week I have been getting a bit of knee pain in my right knee when walking. I think it may be the new leg press machine in the gym…. it is positioned at a totally different angle to the old machine . Furthermore, prior to this I had no trouble, but since they replaced a lot of the equipment its seems a coincidence that I am now suffering…… so not happy!!

As a result of this injury; I have decided to strap up my knee and gently work through it, taking ibuprofen and see how it goes… the last thing I want and need is an injury as I need to start increasing my training and running distance….. so training this weekend consisted of just half an hour on the cross trainer… and gentle weights that will not aggravate my knee.

I will really appreciate your prayers that this knee pain goes away very soon.

So until next time, God Bless

take care

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