January 16, 2014

Why did he go back?

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We hear much preaching on the son’s return to his father. It is a great story, but what took him back to his father? There was a moment in time in this story where we read of the son, who by now had lost his inheritance, he had nothing left and nowhere to go, in fact, we read that at this very low point in his life he was living amongst the pigs. But that ‘moment’ came to him. It is a moment that comes to many people who either respond positively to it or reject it as a random thought. For the prodigal son that moment is revealed by the words in the story which simply said, “when he came to his senses”. Yes, when he came to his senses he then realised he needed to return to his father. He realised that everybody in his fathers house, even the servants were better off than him. So “when he came to his senses” he returned to his father. When the Holy Spirit brings us to our senses we have a choice to return to the Father and experience his love, or we choose to reject this as a random thought. Returning to his father caused him to benefit from great blessings….if the Holy Spirit is causing anyone reading this to ‘come to your senses’ then follow that prompting. In some cases it will lead to blessings in others it will lead to eternal life. No matter what you’re going through, coming to your senses and returning to the Father is where the answer is.

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