November 7, 2013

You prepare a feast for me Day 5

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We continue with an in depth look at Psalm 23 and today we have come to verse 5.  ‘You prepare a feast for me.’  When do you prepare a wonderful meal for someone?  Is it for someone you don’t like very much?  Or is it for someone who is very special?  Not a difficult one to answer really is it?  The Bible doesn’t tell us however that this is a meal.  It says in my version (NLT) that it is a ‘feast’ that He is preparing for me.  That tells me immediately that this meal is very special.  All the stops are being pulled out to provide something quite unique.  For whom?  For me, and for you.  This wonderful repast is going to satisfy me totally. Why?  I am glad you asked that question, because the Lord has ‘unfailing love’ for me.  This phrase ‘unfailing love’ is scattered all the way through the Psalms.  It is mentioned many times. In fact 71 times this phrase is mentioned in the Psalms alone.  The Psalmist uses the phrase ‘faithful love’ as well.  Do you get the point?  I love the fact that He has unfailing love for me because it proves that His love will not stop ever.  I digress.

This amazing meal then, it being prepared for me, for you.  However The Psalmist goes on to say, ‘in the presence of my enemies.’  Wow, what does He mean by that?  Does it mean that He is demanding that I sit down with those I don’ like?  Yep! That is exactly what it is saying.  I have to reconcile to my enemies.  I have to accept them, to forgive them, to live in peace with them.  Jesus says ‘Love your enemies.’  Don’t you find that tough?  Well this devotional isn’t all about being nice and safe.  You and I both will be challenged often.  The thing is beloved.  How are you going to respond?

The psalm goes on.  ’You welcome me as a guest, anointing my head with oil.  My cup over flows with blessings.

I am going to deal with that part of the verse tomorrow.  For now though, we have enough to be getting on with as we come to grips with our enemies and how to deal with them.

A prayer: Father I can’t deal with my enemies just like that.  I can’t forgive them for the hurt caused without Your help.  Father Let me forgive with the aid of Your Spirit.  With my will I will forgive ……….. (just put the name in the place of the dots) In Jesus’ name. Amen

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