November 12, 2013

You welcome me as a guest. Day 6

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You welcome me as a guest anointing my head with oil.  My cup overflows with blessings.  Think about this, your Heavenly Father is inviting you as His guest.  Have you ever been invited as a special guest to a dinner or a wedding?  How did you feel?  Did you feel really special??  Well I believe this is what the Lord is saying this morning.  I sense Him saying to you beloved, that you are so special and honoured.  I know He is saying to you that He loves you so much.  Let’s turn really quickly to Isaiah 43 and the 4th verse.  The Lord says in the second part of that verse, ‘You are precious, you are honoured and I love you.  Let those words seep into your spirit this day and allow the Lord to show you how much He loves you.

Let’s now quickly look at the anointing of your head with oil.  Firstly anointing with oil on the head was said to be, among other things, made sacred (consecrated); to be set apart and dedicated to serve God; to be endowed with enabling gifts and grace; to be divinely designated, inaugurated, or chosen for some purpose. We know this subject is important to God because the words anoint, anointed, and anointing appear in more than 150 Spirit-inspired Bible verses. (Abba anointing oil)  Take this with what else we have discovered and what do you think the Lord is trying to convey to you today?  I am at a loss to understand how anyone can not understand the depth, the width and the height of the love He has for us, it is so plain to see.  He is awesome in how He deals with us.  The Bible tells us in Psalm 103 (I will be looking at this psalm in depth very soon in these studies) in verse 10 to be precise, and I quote, “He has NOT punished us for all our sins, nor does He DEAL WITH US AS WE DESERVE”.  Understand this now beloved how special you really are. Understand He wants only the very best for you.  Why?  Because beloved He is your Daddy.


A prayer:  Father, thank you for Your word this day to me.  Help me realise just how much You love and care for me.  I pray in the name of Jesus, Lord that You show me a measure of Your love for me today.  In the name of Your precious son I ask.  Amen



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